• Ton (AGJM) Hanselaar

    Ton Hanselaar, MD, PhD, is on the advisory board of Value-Based Health Care Center Europe and chairman of the Value-Based Health Care Prize Ceremony. He studied medicine, obtained his PhD, and worked as a pathologist and associate professor at Radboud University. He was trained in medical management in the USA, the Netherlands and Switzerland, and was CEO of the Dutch Cancer Society and CEO of Pantein and Syntein healthcare organisations. He now conducts research, advises on (patient) value-driven healthcare innovation and is on the Supervisory Boards of healthcare organisations.

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    Email —  ******@***gmail.com
    Advisory Council member Value-Based Health Care Center - Europe

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  • Dr Ton (AGJM) Hanselaar

    VBHC in Netherlands: Success Factors

    • 19/03/2021

    A team of researchers from the Netherlands expand on their previous findings on issues accompanying the VBHC implementation, looking deeper into the success factors that help bring the VBHC concept to practice. Key Points Reported success factors for VBHC implementation are: ‘Value’ for the patient as the core purpose of care A responsible, well-balanced Multidisciplinary Team...

  • Dr Ton (AGJM) Hanselaar

    VBHC in Netherlands

    • 12/11/2020

    What problems could be solved? A report of interviews with 21 Dutch VHBC experts Value-based healthcare (VBHC), aimed at improving patient outcomes without increasing costs, is becoming more and more important, as healthcare utilisation and costs continue to rise well above the cost of living. Many initiatives are now being taken to put value-driven care into practice, including in...


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