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    Cavendish Clinic UK

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  • The Future of Critical Care: The Human Capital

    • 14/09/2020

    This article will focus on the non-clinical, human aspects of critical care, namely the patient and the ICU team. The modern concepts of humanising ICU care, the healing environment and future-proofing the ICU team will be discussed. Introduction Despite being a relatively young specialty, critical care has made remarkable progress since its inception during the polio epidemic in...

  • Thoughts on COVID-19 from the International Fluid Academy

    • 19/05/2020

    An overview of what has been published on fluid strategies in COVID-19, guidelines available and reflections on personal practice. Introduction The global COVID-19 pandemic has sharply focused the attention of the world onto critical care as a specialty. At the moment, there are no proven treatments for COVID-19, although several trials and case series extolling the merits of various...

  • The Future of Critical Care Ultrasound (CCUS)

    • 15/01/2020

    Critical Care Ultrasound (CCUS) has progressed by leaps and bounds, and will continue to push boundaries, with techniques being modified to suit evolving clinical needs and new applications. Introduction With roots traceable to sonar technology developed for underwater listening and submarine detection, the era of medical ultrasound began during the Second World War; the first research...

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