• Erin Sullivan

    Erin is the research and curriculum director at the Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care where she studies high performing primary care systems around the globe. Prior to this, Erin was at the Global Health Delivery Project at Harvard University, where she developed a Master’s in global health.

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    Email —  ******@***hms.harvard.edu
    Research & Curriculum Director, Lecturer, Department of Global Health and Social Medicine Harvard Medical School, Centre for Primary Care Boston, USA

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  • Get Data on Board: Incorporating Health Information Technology in Care

    • 09/03/2020

    Summary: How can healthcare practitioners at all levels contribute for optimal integration and use of data and HIT for best care delivery? If you were to poll clinicians from every practice across the United States about the state of their electronic health record system (EHR), we would wager $100 that you would find at least one dissatisfied person from every practice. “Cumbersome,” “difficult,”...

  • Leading Change as a Physician

    • 02/10/2019

    Summary: Erin Sullivan introduces Xavier Corbella, physician turned CEO, to discuss his leadership journey and implementing change within the health system. Introduction I had the good fortune of being introduced to Dr. Corbella in early 2016 while visiting Barcelona to understand Spain’s approach to primary care delivery. Our initial meeting evolved into a very successful...

  • Educating Physicians to be Leaders

    • 26/08/2019

    Summary: For the clinician leaders healthcare desperately needs, training has to begin in medical school and continue throughout a career.   The connection between great leaders and successful organisations that effectively innovate to remain competitive and provide shareholder value has been well demonstrated in business. To that end, many industries have, for decades, offered leadership devel

  • Trust-abundant team principles

    • 22/02/2019

    Effective models of trust How can you incorporate the all-important ingredient of trust within your healthcare team? Once upon a time, it was possible for a doctor to hold most of what she needed to know to practice medicine within her own brain. This was long before Google and before medicine was carved up into specialties and sub-specialties. The advances brought on by...

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