Fabian Bolin

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    Keynote speaker and co-founder of WarOnCancer

Featured in HealthManagement.org

  •  Fabian Bolin

    The Transformative Power of the Patient Voice

    • 11:19 AM, Nov 12

    How to amplify the voice of cancer patients worldwide in order to accelerate comprehensive care and improve the mental health of everyone affected by cancer. Key Points The active patient is a novelty and the underlying assumption is that the patient will remain passive during their treatment. The War On Cancer app is a social cancer support tool for people in and after...

  •  Fabian Bolin

    The whole patient

    • 08:05 PM, Nov 07

    I am a cancer patient. I have experience first-hand how society’s view on patients deals a massive blow to your own sense of self-worth. Friends stop calling you, or they call you way too much. Healthcare professionals are too stressed out to talk to you. To top it all, you are limited to doing absolutely nothing for several months, or even years. These things combined, together with the obvious...


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