• Begona San Jose

    Begoña San José is committed to contributing to a healthier world. She is passionate about health and health innovation, to which she has dedicated her professional career. She studied Clinical Psychology in Spain, Health Services Research-Epidemiology (MSc and PhD) in The Netherlands and has both training and experience in Business and Management. She has worked for leading multinational insurance companies (AXA, Achmea), in several European countries, mostly in the health business, bridging between health insurance and healthcare services. In 2018 she stepped out of the corporate world to be part of the change in the health ecosystem and since then has engaged in several projects in the fields of mental health, holistic healthcare, personalised medicine, value-based healthcare and others. She currently supports start-ups and corporates in their collaboration opportunities to bring better health to the people.

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    Email —  ******@***beandgo.eu
    Founder Beandgo, Austria

Featured in HealthManagement.org

  • Dr Begona San Jose, PhD

    Creating an Awesome Future for Health

    • 26/04/2021

    From surviving to thriving Human  ability to adapt to change leads to surviving.  Human  ability to look for excellence leads to thriving. The current pandemic is revealing the limitations in the definition of health, in healthcare systems and shortage of healthcare providers. Simultaneously, it is showing the ability to adapt to changes, create capacity and use techno

  • Dr Begona San Jose, PhD

    Patients’ Revolution, Patients’ Evolution

    • 12/11/2020

    Healthcare is in constant change. Today the change is driven by the patients. Access to patient data has changed the way healthcare is delivered, where it is delivered and who delivers it. A lot has already been achieved, and although there is still long way to go, the result will be the truly person-centric healthcare. Key Points Access to real-world data and patient-reported outcomes...

  • Dr Begona San Jose, PhD

    The whole patient? The whole person

    • 07/11/2018

    I am myself and my circumstances (Ortega y Gasset). Patients are people when they leave the doctor´s office. They live a life, have jobs and families. Taking a whole person approach is the only way forward to face today´s and tomorrow´s healthcare challenges. Why is talking about the whole person relevant today in healthcare? Let’s start by highlighting some key facts: It is...


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