• Daniela Pedrini

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    International Federation of Healthcare Engineering

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  • Public Procurement of Innovation - Guiding Healthcare Managers in Diff

    • 13/09/2022

    The European Union has proposed innovation in the procurement of the public administration of all sectors as a strategic tool to accelerate change. Considering the volume of the annual public procurement, this has been seen as a way of influencing enterprises to be innovative. Public procurement is aimed to find solutions to needs still not met by what is offered on the market. Hence, the supply...

  • The Future of Healthcare Architecture and the Battle Against COVID-19

    • 09/09/2021

    The COVID-19 pandemic presented a major challenge to healthcare systems across the globe. As the world continues to fight this battle during the fourth  wave, HealthManagement.org spoke to Daniela Pedrini, President of the International  Federation of Health Engineering (IFHE), on healthcare’s response to COVID-19, changes healthcare systems need to make to be better prepared for such

  • Climate change and healthcare architecture

    • 07/11/2018

    IFHE Vice–President hopes for more sustainability in healthcare. HealthManagement  spoke to Daniela Pedrini, a leading light in the International Federation of Health Engineering (IFHE) on the changes she wants to see taking shape in healthcare architecture in the years ahead. What are your responsibilities holding top positions in the IFHE? There are two phases, as it i

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    Earthquakes and climate change: hospitals response to emergencies

    Ahead of the Society of Italian healthcare Architecture and Engineering (SIAIS) congress taking place this week in Italy, HealthManagement .org spoke to SIAIS President, Daniela Pedrini about...

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