• Amit Thakker

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    Chairman Africa Healthcare Federation Nairobi, Kenya

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  • Africa leading way in healthcare tech: the continent is ahead of the g

    • 23/05/2018

    The African healthcare context is uniquely placed to adopt and benefit from drone technology.   In the past decade, the possible use of drone technology in various sectors of the economy has become increasingly likely. As with most new technologies, drones are seen as a double-edged sword. Their most high-profile use has been in a military context, which often couches the discussion around...

  • Amit N. Thakker

    • 25/01/2018

    Top Quote from Blog: Healthcare Revolution in Africa through Public-Private Partnerships. " A successful investment is not defined solely by financial input, but also by additional critical factors such as collaborations, robust frameworks and policies, scalable economies, targeted opportunities for development, and effective resources, that would bring it to fruition. Public, private and...

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    Healthcare Revolution in Africa through Public-Private Partnerships

    Over the last twenty years, Africa’s population has increased by 2.5% per year and by 2050, the population is expected to rise to about 2.4 billion, with some of the countries doubling or even tripli

  • Africa healthcare federation one continent: one team

    • 19/09/2017

    To meet the pressing need for affordable, quality and equitable healthcare, the Africa Healthcare Federation (AHF) integrates the private health sector of Africa, and presents a unified platform where the private sector can effectively engage the public sector for best health outcomes.   The African region is experiencing steady economic growth despite many challenges, and predictions for the...

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