• Frederic Michard

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    Founder & Managing Director MiCo, Switzerland

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  • Perioperative Cardiac Output Monitoring: From Yellow Catheters to Gree

    • 17/05/2024

      We discuss the economic and environmental advantages of green pulse wave analysis (PWA) techniques and the integration of PWA algorithms into standard bedside monitors that will likely contribute to democratisation of perioperative cardiac output monitoring.   Haemodynamic instability frequently manifests during the perioperative course of high-risk surgical patients. This instabil

  • Artificial Intelligence in Anaesthesia and Critical Care - Temptations

    • 13/10/2023

    Big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are buzzwords. In this article, we briefly discuss what they mean for anaesthesiologists and intensivists, focusing on existing clinical applications.     We are today able to collect and store a considerable amount of patient-related data. These “big” data are typically part of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems and us

  • New Applications of Pulse Oximetry

    • 24/06/2021

    The clinical applications of pulse oximetry go far beyond the mere monitoring of SpO 2 . From home to ICUs, pulse oximeters may help to improve quality of care in patients with respiratory and circulatory disorders, in particular those with the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). P ulse oximetry was developed in the 1970’s to monitor oxygen saturation (SpO 2 ) during anaesthesia....

  • Continuous Monitoring Beyond the ICU - The Rise of Mobile Solutions

    • 24/11/2020

    Post-ICU patients are at high-risk of clinical deterioration. Continuous and mobile monitoring on hospital wards is useful to detect clinical deterioration at an early stage. It may help to prevent serious adverse events and ICU readmission. M ost patients discharged from ICUs are old and have co-morbidities. Even when they are young and were healthy before ICU admission, the days or...

  • The Future of Haemodynamic Monitoring: From Planet Mars to Resource Li

    • 15/01/2020

    When envisioning the future of haemodynamic monitoring, we cannot limit the discussion to new sensors and computer innovations. We also need to consider the accessibility to scientific and technological progress, particularly in resource-limited countries where a large number of patients deserve more rational haemodynamic management. The growing number of publications regarding new biomaterials,

  • Protecting ward patients

    • 14/03/2019

    Finding patients before they crash might be the next major opportunity to improve patient safety. This article describes recent advances and perspectives for ward monitoring with wearable sensors and smart algorithms.   Hospital wards are dangerous. Indeed, they are where most unexpected deaths occur within institutions. In a UK national audit study, among 23,554 adult in-hospital cardiac...

  • Innovations in monitoring: from smartphones to wearables

    • 15/09/2017

    This article describes recent advances and perspectives in cardiorespiratory monitoring for surgical patients, from prehabilitation to rehabilitation, from smartphones to wearable sensors.   There are over 320 million inpatient surgical procedures worldwide (Weiser et al. 2015). We learnt from the recent International Surgical Outcomes (ISOS) Study (ISOS Group 2016) that around 17% of these...

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