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Cardiology Management

Can workplace bullying cause cardiovascular disease?

2018 06 Dec

It has already been established that adverse psychosocial working conditions including factors such as excessive job-strain, an imbalance between effort and reward, and long working hours increase the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). However, it still remains unclear whether other workplace stressors such as bullying and violence are also... Read more

Executive Health Management

Break the Chain, Break the Silence: Stop Nurse Bullying Now

2018 06 Dec

Working in an environment where abuse and bullying is the norm has a damaging impact on individual nurses and creates an unhealthy culture across a healthcare setting. These were findings in a recent study led by the University of East Anglia (UEA), which involved the completion of anonymous questionnaires by 855 nurses. Workplace aggression... Read more

Executive Health Management

Little Action on Nurse Bullying Could Harm Patients

2016 05 Sep

Fellow nurses and doctors are the prime culprits in nurse bullying and often may not even be aware that their behaviour is having a discouraging impact on colleagues. The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) held a discussion on the issue via Facebook with input from nurses saying that forms of intimidation included everything... Read more

Executive Health Management

Want to Retain Nursing Staff? Try this.

2016 30 Jan

According to a study published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing , the transformational leadership style helps nurses provide better care and also improves the retention of nurses. The study also finds that abusive management practices have a negative impact on patient care and also result in young nurses quitting their jobs early on in their careers. ... Read more

Executive Health Management

How to Tackle Workplace Bullying

2016 05 Jan

Strenuous work demands, an atmosphere that places an emphasis on performance, and a rapidly changing environment promote a culture in healthcare that is tolerant of workplace bullying, according to an article in the journal Radiology Management . While physicians can be considered as the primary culprit of bullying, healthcare bullies can be any one... Read more

IMAGING Management

Bullying at Work: A Vicious Circle

2015 17 Feb

A new study reveals workplace bullying sets of a spiral of abuse because victims become anxious and less able to stand up for themselves. This makes them more vulnerable to further harassment. The study titled ‘Reciprocal relations between workplace bullying, anxiety and vigour: a two-wave longitudinal study' is published in Anxiety, Stress & Coping:... Read more