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Executive Health Management

When Do Academics Work?

2019 23 Dec

For academics across the world, ‘working hours’ vary greatly, and in China many tend to work after hours, shows a recent study published in the Christmas edition of the BMJ. You may also like: EHMA 2020 Annual Conference: Call for Abstracts There is anecdotal evidence that research and publishing demand academics and medical students... Read more

ICU Management

2017 10 Mar

Key opinion leaders (KOL) in the ICU field are often coming up with fantastic tips for becoming a better leader or clinician. We decided to share our top three with you: 1.  Find/Encourage a Balance Balance is recommended in a variety of areas in life, and so it is with clinical practice too. It’s critical for a clinician to assess the criteria of... Read more

ICU Management

Innovative Anti-Burnout Programme

2015 28 Aug

Stanford Hospital has implemented an innovative "time-banking" programme intended to prevent burnout amongst its emergency room physicians. Its Department of Emergency Medicine now provides physicians with meals, housecleaning and an array of other services — babysitting, elder care, movie tickets, handyman services, speech training and more... Read more