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Health Management

The latest in breast imaging

2017 19 Sep

Prof. Gabor Forrai speaks with HealthManagement about the future of the European Society of Breast Imaging (EUSOBI) and the latest guidelines and recommendations for women in mammography   EUSOBI recently updated its recommendations on information for women on mammography. What are the main updates? Also, why is it important to involve consumers,... Read more

Executive Health Management

Where are the Women?

2017 02 Aug

A new study presents one area where gender inequality in healthcare is observed: women are ignored when it comes to medical society awards. According to the study, there is a zero or near-zero representation of women physicians among recognition award recipients across a range of medical specialities.  You might also like: Why Healthcare Needs More... Read more

Cardiology Management

Rotating Night Shift Increases Risk of CHD in Women

2016 26 Apr

Among female registered nurses, working a rotating night shift for 5 years or more was associated with a small increase in the risk of coronary heart disease, according to a study appearing in the April 26 issue of JAMA. The disruption of social and biological rhythms that occur during shift work have been hypothesized to increase chronic disease risk,... Read more

Cardiology Management

Study: Higher CVD Risk in Women with Spontaneous Preterm Delivery History

2015 10 Feb

A history of spontaneous preterm delivery appears to double a woman's risk of heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases, according to results of a study published today in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.(1,2) The strength of the association was described by the investigators as "robust", and, as an independent risk factor... Read more

Cardiology Management

Women Fare Worse after Heart Attack

2014 26 Jul

While national campaigns have previously focused on young women with acute myocardial infarctions, there is still a lack of data related to sex differences in hospitalisation rates, length of stay, clinical characteristics and mortality. A study conducted by a team of researchers from the Yale School of Medicine aimed to determine sex differences in... Read more

Cardiology Management

Women’s Heart Disease Strongly Linked to Physical Inactivity Past Age 30

2014 15 May

Women looking to lower their chances of developing cardiovascular disease have heard it before: maintain a healthy weight, keep blood pressure in check and quit smoking cigarettes. A study from the British Journal of Sports Medicine reveals that while smoking most strongly influenced disease development up to age 30, the most significant risk for women... Read more

IMAGING Management

Early Osteoporosis Detection Improved in Finland

2014 28 Feb

Public mammography screening provider in Finland mobilises against osteoporosisThe Finnish mammography provider Suomen Radiologikeskus Oy has signed an agreement with the IT and medical technology company Sectra to provide osteoporosis assessment in conjunction with public mammography screening in all of Keskus’ nine mammography centers in Finland.... Read more

Cardiology Management

Better Get Moving: Moderate Exercise Cuts Women’s Stroke Risk

2014 14 Feb

Moderate exercise like brisk walking may cut women’s stroke risk 20 percent and help offset some of the increased stroke risk in women taking postmenopausal hormone therapy. According to the latest research presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference 2014, women do not need to run marathons or do intense aerobics to... Read more

Executive Health Management

Canadian study: Annual Screening Does Not Reduce Breast Cancer Deaths

2014 13 Feb

According to a new Canadian study published on the website of the British Medical Journal, yearly breast screening of women aged 40-59 does not reduce mortality from breast cancer beyond that of physical examination or usual care. In addition, screening resulted in over-diagnosis (22%), representing one over-diagnosed breast cancer for every 424 women... Read more