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IT Management

Sociodemographic Differences in Virtual Care Adoption

2020 08 Dec

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated growth in the use of telemedicine, which helps curb the further spread of the virus. However, as shown in a new U.S. study (Gilson et al. 2020), there are differences in how patients use virtual visits (telephone vs. video) based on sociodemographic factors such as age, sex, race, digital literacy and insurance.... Read more

Executive Health Management

"Virtual Ward" Care Does Not Prevent Readmissions

2014 30 Sep

A study was conducted with patients at high risk of hospital readmission or death after hospital discharge, which used a virtual ward model of care. The findings showed that there was no significant reduction in the rate of readmission or death up to a year following the discharge of the patient. Readmissions are common and can be very costly... Read more