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IT Management

Unprecedented Growth in Digital Health Investment

2021 12 Apr

2020 proved to be the record year for digital health venture investment, but not for long. Q1 2021 became the largest quarter of digital health-related funding ever, with investment reaching almost €6 billion.   You might also like: A new report shows the growing adoption levels for certain categories of digital health tools and populations,... Read more

Executive Health Management

Leveraging advanced methods to evaluate AI-Pharma companies

2019 22 May

The level of sophistication used in due diligence should be on par with the level of complexity in a given industry.  AI-Pharma companies are 100 times as complex as FinTech companies. Methodologies used to assess them should be 100 times as rigorous. Discovering new drugs using AI is one of the most challenging areas in biological... Read more