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Telemedicine for Type 1 Diabetes During COVID-19

2020 05 Sep

The current pandemic has led to increased use of telemedicine, allowing delivery of care with no person-to-person contact, in line with physical distancing measures to prevent further spread of coronavirus.   You might also like: Bright Ideas   A new survey study (Scott et al. 2020) zeroed in on telemedicine use among people living... Read more

From treatment to prevention in diabetes care

2018 21 Aug

Diabeter has made strides in type 1 diabetes care with its VBHC model. Co-founder Henk-Jan Aanstoot shares its keys to success. At Diabeter, founded in 2006 by myself and Dr. Henk Veeze, our value-based care model specialises in providing comprehensive and personalised care for children and young adults with type 1 diabetes (T1D). We incorporate... Read more

Insulin Pump Therapy Reduces Risk of Dying from CVD

2015 14 Aug

According to a study conducted at Sahigrenska Academy, people with Type 1 Diabetes who use insulin pump therapy have a 50 percent less risk of dying from cardiovascular disease as compared to those who take insulin through daily injections. The study is published in  The British Medical Journal.  The study researchers monitored 18,168 Swedes with... Read more

Researcher Discovers a Way to Prevent Type 1 Diabetes

2015 27 Jan

According to new research published in Endocrinology , Thomas Burris, Ph.D., chair of pharmacological and physiological science at Saint Louis University and his team have found a way to prevent type 1 diabetes in an animal model. The team comprised of Laura A. Solt, Subhashis Banerjee, Sean Campbell and Theodore M. Kamenecka. Current available... Read more

Dantrolene May Treat Wolfram Syndrome

2014 26 Nov

According to a new research report from the Washington University School of Medicine, dantrolene, a commonly prescribed muscle relaxant, may be an effective treatment for a rare but devastating form of diabetes known as Wolfram syndrome. The results have been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) Online Early Edition.... Read more

Sanofi And MannKind To Launch Inhalable Insulin

2014 14 Nov

MannKind and Sanofi are set to launch their inhalable insulin product. Approved earlier this year by the FDA, Afrezza is a fast-acting insulin to be taken at mealtimes. The drug is effective for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Seven years ago, Pfizer launched Exubera, another inhalable insulin. When Exubera was introduced, it was believed to... Read more

Insulin-Control Cells Produced in Laboratory

2014 14 Oct

A team at Harvard University has used stem cells to produce hundreds of millions of cells in the laboratory that control blood sugar levels. These are the beta cells in the pancreas that pump out insulin to control blood sugar levels. In people suffering from Type 1 Diabetes, the immune system starts to destroy these cells, leaving them unable to regulate... Read more

Implantable Device Controls Insulin Production

2014 12 Aug

A team of bioengineers from ETH Zurich's Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering (D-BSSE) in Basel, Switzerland, have developed an implantable molecular device that is composed of two modules: a sensor that can measure blood pH constantly, and a gene feedback mechanism that produces the necessary amount of insulin. Both modules have been constructed... Read more

Nanotech Microchip Test Detects Type-1 Diabetes

2014 15 Jul

An inexpensive, portable, nanotech microchip-based test for diagnosing type-1 diabetes has been invented at the Stanford University School of Medicine. It is believed that this innovation could go a long way in improving care for diabetes patients worldwide and enable researchers and medical professionals to better understand the disease. The revolutionary... Read more