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Executive Health Management

2019 22 Aug

  Dr Jannicke Mellin-Olsen was the first female doctor in Norway to complete her (voluntary) military services, serving for the UNIFIL Forces in South Lebanon and has worked for the Red Cross in several counties. For ten years, she was the medical director for Europe, Middle East and Africa for MedAire , Inc., and got involved in patient safety... Read more

Pharmacy Management

FDA Approves Priftin® For LTBI

2014 05 Dec

FDA has approved Priftin® (rifapentine) for the treatment of latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI). Priftin®, an antimycobacterial used for the treatment of active pulmonary TB has now been approved for LTBI, a new indication, to be used in combination with isoniazid (INH) in patients two years of age and older and at high risk of progression... Read more

Lab Management

New DNA Sequencing Method to Diagnose TB

2014 25 Sep

Researchers have developed a new approach to the diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB) that relies on direct sequencing of DNA extracted from sputum to detect and characterise the bacteria that cause TB. The new method eliminates the need for culturing bacteria in the laboratory, a time-consuming process. The new technique is referred to as metagenomics,... Read more

IT Management

'Genetic Barcode' for Identifying TB Strains

2014 08 Sep

Researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in the UK have developed a 'genetic barcode' for easy identification of the different types of tuberculosis (TB), according to a Medical News Today report. "There is increasing interest in new technologies that can assist those treating tuberculosis patients," said lead author Dr.... Read more