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ICU Management

Is pre-hospital coagulation management in trauma feasible?

2018 01 Jun

Coagulation management remains a formidable challenge in severely bleeding trauma patients. A strong rationale suggests starting treatment of trauma-induced coagulopathy in the pre-hospital phase. The burden of trauma is increasing worldwide, particularly in less well-resourced nations. There are an estimated 5 million deaths per year, more... Read more

ICU Management

Treatment of trauma-induced coagulopathy with factor concentrates

2017 15 Sep

RETIC study  Presents results of the RETIC study that compared treatment of trauma-induced coagulopathy using coagulation factor concentrates or fresh frozen plasma.   Background   Trauma-induced coagulopathy (TIC) represents a clinical picture resulting from severity of injury, hypoperfusion, blood loss, consumption, dilution and... Read more