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Health Management

2018 23 May

Solutions for challenging reconstruction of subcutaneous adipose tissue Induction of blood vessel formation and adipogenic differentiation of fibre-bound human adipose tissue-derived stem cells for soft tissue reconstruction.   The reconstruction of subcutaneous adipose tissue still represents a large challenge in plastic surgery. For a...Read more

IT Management

2015 17 Nov

Surgeons may one day be able to remove tumours from within the inner ear in a less invasive fashion — ie, without removing the entire mastoid bone. All they will need to do is cut a tunnel of 5 mm in diameter through the bone using a miniature robot named NiLiBoRo. The robotic "worm" can adjust its path while drilling through bone to steer around sensitive...Read more

ICU Management

2015 15 Sep

A team of engineers and scientists at the University of Arizona has developed a new diagnostic device that could reduce the amount of time necessary to diagnose tissue infections. The device's novel approach to molecular diagnostics, called DOTS qPCR, is faster, more efficient and less expensive than methods currently being used in clinics, according...Read more

IMAGING Management

2015 19 Jun

Johns Hopkins researchers have developed a way of using a different imaging technology, called optical coherence tomography (OCT), that could provide surgeons with a colour-coded map of a patient's brain showing which areas are and are not cancer. This innovation is expected to make surgical removal of tumours in the brain safer and more effective....Read more

IMAGING Management

2015 21 Feb

Researchers in Germany have succeeded in a breakthrough for the further development of contrast agents and consequently improved diagnostics with imaging using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) procedures. Using a new technique called imaging mass spectrometry (MALDI-MS imaging), they were able to determine the tissue-related kinetics of the contrast...Read more

Executive Health Management

2014 07 Feb

Currently being developed by University of Washington scientists and engineers, a novel, credit-card sized, low cost device could assist pathologists in their analysis of biopsies and the subsequent diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in an earlier and faster manner than ever before.  The prototype is able to conduct basic steps required for processing...Read more

Executive Health Management

2013 25 Nov

The University of Granada has developed a major scientific breakthrough which will aid the immediate use of artificially-grown skin for major burn patients, as the skin could be stored in tissue banks and made available when needed. Up to now, one of the major challenges faced in the treatment of major burn victims is a long wait. As per...Read more

Executive Health Management

2013 31 Oct

It sounds like a futuristic dream, yet it has been researched for a number of years already: simply printing out tissue and organs. Scientists have been able to further refine the current technology and are now in a position to produce various tissue types. A statement released by the German Organ Transplantation Foundation (DSO) shows an 18%...Read more