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Women's Health

Triple Negative Breast Cancer: Advances in Treatment

2021 18 Apr

Researchers, Yashar Mashayekhi and Amirmohammad Heidari, from the University of Buckingham Medical School (UK) recently presented results from a study “A critical evaluation of Immunotherapeutic Agents for the Treatment of Triple Negative breast cancer.” In the United Kingdom, breast cancer is the most prevalent type in women; the subtype Triple Negative... Read more

ICU Management

Treatment of bleeding patients during therapy with direct oral anticoagulants

2017 15 Sep

Results from the French registry: GIHP-NACO  Presents results from a registry detailing information about the management of bleeding patients in the emergency room, operating room or intensive care unit during therapy with direct oral anticoagulants.   Background   There is a large literature on the efficacy of direct oral anticoagulants... Read more

ICU Management

Volume 16 - Issue 4, 2016

2016 30 Nov

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ICU Management

Diabetic Heart Attack Survivors Benefit From Intensive Insulin Therapy

2014 17 May

Diabetic patients who received intensified insulin treatment following a heart attack survived for two years longer than patients treated with standard therapy to lower glucose, in a study conducted by researchers at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.  Diabetes commonly occurs with cardiovascular complications. Heart attack and stroke... Read more

ICU Management

Delirium Risk in ICU Patients Cut by Melatonin Agonist

2014 24 Feb

New research findings, published online in the February 19 edition of JAMA Psychiatry, show that delirium in older patients hospitalised for acute medical illness could be prevented with nightly administration of a melatonin agonist. A team of researchers led by Kotaro Hatta, MD, PhD, University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, conducted a multicenter,... Read more

Cardiology Management

Electrical Energy Treatment for Atrial Fibrillation Potentially Viable Alternative to Medication

2014 19 Feb

Treatment using electrical energy, opposed to medications, could be a viable first option for the treatment of certain type of Atrial Fibrillation  According to a study published in the February 19 issue of JAMA, treatment with electrical energy (radiofrequency ablation) administered to patients with untreated paroxysmal (intermittent) atrial... Read more

Cardiology Management

Heart Conditions: Early Detection, Early Intervention at this Year’s EMB Conference

2014 11 Feb

Cardiology experts discuss studies showing time as an important factor in the treatment of heart conditions Experts in cardiology and electrophysiology met at this year’s 8th annual EMB (Expert Meeting Berlin) Conference to discuss critical issues affecting their fields.  Among the topics addressed were: How can remote monitoring and early... Read more

ICU Management

Statins May Reduce Delirium in ICU Patients

2014 23 Jan

According to a study recently published in the American Thoracic Society's American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care, admistering statins to critically ill patients before they were admitted to hospital may help prevent delirium, a state of sudden, severe confusion. Lead author Valerie Page, Watford General Hospital in Watford, England,... Read more