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IT Management

Cross-Border Management of COVID-19 Lab Results

2020 27 Oct

Two digital initiatives are being tested aimed at facilitating cross-border handling of COVID-19-realted lab results for travellers and governments.   You might also like: (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party!)? COVID-19 ‘Immunity Passports’ through ethical lens   International travel and tourism are among... Read more

Executive Health Management

Patient responsibility for following up on test results

2019 21 Jan

A risk manager recently asked for guidance on the patient's responsibility in following up on the results of tests that have been ordered. In our response, we note that providers are responsible for reviewing and following up on the results of the tests they order. That responsibility typically includes ensuring that results that require... Read more

IT Management

Computer-Generated Doctor Explains Test Results

2017 13 May

Imagine if you were able to view a video in which your physician would explain your medical test results in layman terms and also use graphics to compare your test scores with ideal scores. Also imagine, if they could convey your risk of heart attack, stroke or other serious medical condition.  Scientists at the University of Illinois' Beckman... Read more

IT Management

Patients Prefer Portals for Test Results

2015 03 Nov

According to findings from a new study, patients prefer to receive the results of medical tests through password-protected patient portal websites. The survey is published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. The survey was conducted with 409 participants and tested the desirability of seven different methods of non-in-person... Read more