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Cardiology Management

Study: Defibrillator Testing Prior to ICD Procedure Unnecessary

2014 14 May

According to new research from McMaster University to be presented at the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) in San Francisco this week, a commonly performed test conducted during certain types of cardiac surgery does not provide any assistance and may even be potentially harmful.The test in question is Defibrillator Testing (DT), conducted on patients who... Read more

Cardiology Management

New Scan Identifies Heart Attack Risk

2013 11 Nov

Early testing suggests that a novel heart scanning method can identify those who may be at an increased risk of suffering from heart attack.The test is able to recognize hazardous plaques within the heart-nourishing arteries. A fatty plaque rupture can lead to a blood clot, which in turn blocks the flow of blood in a person’s body, and according to... Read more