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Targeted Temperature Management After Cardiac Arrest

2020 11 Jan

Post-anoxic brain damage after cardiac arrest is a complex condition that is managed through targeted temperature management (TTM) as it is currently the only neuroprotective intervention recommended after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA). However, experts have raised concerns about the level of evidence supporting this intervention. Two early... Read more

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Targeted Temperature Management: HYPERION Trial

2019 11 Oct

Moderate therapeutic hypothermia is recommended in patients with persistent coma after resuscitated out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in order to improve neurologic outcomes. But its effectiveness in patients with nonshockable rhythm still remains unclear. Findings from the HYPERION Trial were presented at the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine... Read more

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Volume 18 - Issue 1, 2018

2018 16 Mar

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Prognostication Following Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

2017 28 May

This article reviews the current evidence on prognostication after cardiac arrest.   Post-resuscitation care has developed and evolved significantly since 2003, following recommendations by the Advanced Life Support task force of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation to implement therapeutic hypothermia (TH) in unconscious survivors... Read more

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Targeted Temperature Management: Intravascular vs. Surface Cooling

2016 06 Dec

Targeted temperature management (TTM) is recommended after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and may be achieved using either intravascular or surface cooling devices. Results of a review published in Critical Care show that there was no difference in adverse events, mortality or poor neurological outcomes between patients treated with intravascular and... Read more

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Neuroprotective Measures Improve Outcomes in Patients after Cardiac Arrest

2015 06 Apr

According to an article published by JAMA Neurology, patients with cardiac arrest (CA) who received targeted body-temperature management in intensive care units in Europe and Australia as a neuroprotective measure had an improved quality of life and cognitive function.   The primary cause of death for patients in ICUs after a cardiac arrest is brain... Read more