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Cardiology Management


2017 21 Feb

Patients who have experienced shortness of breath or fatigue – and have become less active as a result – could be experiencing heart failure. These patients should immediately take action as waiting to address these symptoms can do more damage, according to experts at Penn State Heart and Vascular Institute. See Also : Recognising the 'Subtle...Read more

Executive Health Management


2019 25 Apr

The current techniques for diagnosis and treatment of dementia   Dementia is one of the most difficult challenges in modern neuroscience. It still can’t be cured, and the vast majority of new drug trials have ended in failure. In fact, no new drugs have been approved for the treatment of dementia in well over a decade. Researchers conclude...Read more

ICU Management


2020 06 May

In early December 2019, the coronavirus disease (COVID 19) outbreak was first reported in the city of Wuhan, China. Early reports indicated that the virus was acquired from bats. Several epidemiological studies have linked the exposure to COVID-19 to the Wuhan meat market, which sold a variety of wild live animals. Today, it is well known that human...Read more

ICU Management


2020 19 May

COVID-19 Challenges Read more

Women's Health


2021 15 Jun

CNN's chief international anchor Christiane Amanpour announced she has ovarian cancer after a four-week absence from her CNN programme while she underwent treatment. The Emmy Award-winning journalist discussed her diagnosis and treatment, and had a strong message for viewers during her CNN International programme "Amanpour," June 14. "Like millions...Read more