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Cardiology Management

Hypertension 2021

2021 27 Sep

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Executive Health Management

3rd Edition of International Cancer Conference

2019 23 Sep

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Executive Health Management

ICCH 2019

2019 27 Oct

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ICU Management

ESA 2014: Maquet Symposium on Modern Inhalation Anesthesia

2014 23 May

SPONSORED LUNCH SYMPOSIUM MODERN INHALATION ANESTHESIA, STILL ROOM FOR PROGRESS ? Date: Sunday, June 1st Time: 12.15 - 13.15 Location: Room A4/A5 Chairman: Prof Jan Jakobsson, Stockholm, Sweden A volume reflector based anesthesia machine – its history and today’s usage in cardiothoracic anesthesia... Read more

ICU Management

ESA 2014: Covidien Symposia on Sedation and Patient Safety

2014 16 May

New vital signs in procedural sedation: luxury or necessity? Covidien Symposium at Euroanaesthesia 2014 Sunday, 1 June, 12:15 – 13:45, Room A10 -  Complimentary lunch bags will be provided. Chairman:  Prof. Dr. JTA Knape, UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands Topics & Speakers: Anesthesiologist or not: Jointly ensuring safe sedation... Read more

ICU Management

ESA 2014: Masimo to Present Symposia

2014 16 May

Symposium June 1st  Location:  Stockholmässan Room K1 Chairperson:  Jean-Louis Vincent Dates: Sunday June 1st, 12:15 to 13:45 -  Lunch will be provided Title: Hemodynamic Optimization: The Latest Strategies for Fluid and Blood Management Welcome and Introduction:   Jean-Louis Vincent The Evolving Role of Hemodynamic Monitoring... Read more