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What Can the NHS Learn from Public Sector Supply Chain Attacks?

2022 08 Jul

As organisations become increasingly connected through technology, there is a rising threat of becoming collateral in cyberattacks. It is imperative to evaluate the security practices and stances taken within any third-party organisation involved. Key Points The NHS plans to launch 42 Integrated Care Systems (ICS) across England this year.... Read more

Burning Platform for Change: COVID-19 Experience in Ghana

2020 03 Aug

In mid-July, Ghana was among the African countries most affected by COVID-19. Infectious disease outbreaks are not uncommon here, and there has always been a critical need for the private and public sector to collaborate more. The situation is changing, however. talked to Dr Elikem Tamaklo, head of the oldest private group medical... Read more

Swiss Hospitals Successfully Trial Blockchain Medical Device Tracking

2020 16 Jan

Swiss hospitals have announced successful processing on a trial of medical device orders via the Blockchain.   The Cantonal Hospital Winterthur, the Cantonal Hospital Baden, the University Children's Hospital Zurich and the Spitalregion Fürstenland Toggenburg along with two medical device suppliers Anandic System Medical and ITRIS Medical undertook... Read more

3 ways to contain medicine costs and shortages

2019 08 Jan

With drug prices and supply often at odds with each other, for example when supplies are plentiful but costs reach sky-high levels, what can a hospital exec do to mitigate the impact on operations? Pharmacy directors at three health systems give their views.   Create your own drug company   Trinity Health, based in Livonia, Michigan,... Read more

Volume 16 - Issue 4, 2016

2016 13 Nov

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Supply Chain Management Challenges in Canada: Focus on Key Interpersonal Skills

2016 13 Nov

  Overview   Managing a supply chain efficiently and effectively is tremendously challenging in any industry. Time and financial constraints combined with operational dependency on inputs to produce outputs required by buyers is extremely difficult. A publicly-funded supply chain, as in Canada’s healthcare industry, makes it even harder... Read more

Searching the Globe for Low-Cost Supplies

2016 13 Jun

Supplies come second only to labour as amongst the highest healthcare costs With a view to reducing materials costs while maintaining quality, global sourcing of supplies is fast becoming an attractive alternative. High volume supplies such as clinical gloves or gowns are top priorities for global sourcing which is becoming a key driver to boosting... Read more

Supply Chain Costs Leading Worry for Execs

2015 27 Dec

Amidst rising cost of supplies, healthcare organisations have turned their focus on improving supply chain management to help reduce overall costs, according to a new national survey commissioned by Cardinal Health. Reducing costs is an urgent goal as hospitals shift to value-based healthcare. The supply chain is the second largest expense for healthcare... Read more

Top Ten Global Health Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Issues

2015 06 Feb

Despite the fact that efforts have been made to improve coordination in the global fight against disease, global pharmaceutical chains still remain fragmented and lack coordination. A newly published paper by professors at NYU Wagner and MIT-Zaragoza highlight ten fundamental challenges that pharmaceutical companies face with respect to supply chains.... Read more