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RSNA15: 3D MRI Shows Early Signs of Stroke Risk in Diabetic Patients

2015 24 Nov

People with diabetes have a significantly increased risk of strokes with worse outcomes than the non-diabetic population. New research shows that 3D MRI can identify high risk cardiovascular biomarkers, such as intraplaque haemorrhage, in diabetic patients before onset of carotid artery stenosis. The findings are being presented next week at the annual... Read more

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Multiple Risk Factors Cancel Impact of Atrial Fibrillation on Ischaemic Stroke Risk

2015 01 Sep

The impact of atrial fibrillation on ischaemic stroke risk in elderly patients is eliminated with multiple risk factors, according to an 11 year study in more than 425 000 patients presented at ESC Congress. The findings suggest that stroke prevention in the elderly may need to focus on the concomitant effects of multiple risk factors rather than on... Read more