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Health Management

Burning Platform for Change: COVID-19 Experience in Ghana

2020 03 Aug

In mid-July, Ghana was among the African countries most affected by COVID-19. Infectious disease outbreaks are not uncommon here, and there has always been a critical need for the private and public sector to collaborate more. The situation is changing, however. talked to Dr Elikem Tamaklo, head of the oldest private group medical... Read more

Executive Health Management

Physician Suicide: Highest Rate in Professions

2016 22 Aug

As the issue of physician suicide comes to the fore in a bid to shake the stigma around this phenomenon, a group of physicians organised a national Day of Solidarity on Care2, a social networking site connecting activists. Named the silent epidemic, each year, an estimated 400 physicians in the U.S. die by suicide. According to Day of Solidarity, it... Read more