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Executive Health Management

Study Finds Poor Hand Hygiene and Aseptic Techniques in the Operating Room

2015 03 Apr

Direct observational research at a large hospital in Sweden reveals that compliance with recommended hand disinfection and aseptic techniques is alarmingly low, with clinician caregivers missing 90 percent of 2,393 opportunities in the operating room. The observations were not made during emergency surgeries. The study was conducted at the University... Read more

Executive Health Management

Hospitals Face New Superbug Liabilities

2014 12 Feb

Vision-Sciences' EndoSheath Technology Offers Patented SolutionSuperbugs. Nightmare Bacteria. Antibiotic Resistant Strains. No matter what you call it, it is bad news for hospitals, which face increasingly stringent financial penalties under the Affordable Care Act. Specifically, patient readmissions and follow-up diagnostics due to hospital-acquired... Read more