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Cardiology Management

Virtual Reality and The Final Frontier in Interventional Cardiology

2015 24 Nov

Virtual reality device was successfully used to guide recanalization of right coronary artery as reported by the Canadian Journal of Cardiology. Virtual reality (VR) is expected to revolutionise medicine and healthcare. Already, several medical specialties are using it to train physicians and assist diagnosis. It is believed that VR has tremendous potential... Read more

Health Management

The Role of Interventional Radiology in Trauma Management

2014 08 Mar

AuthorCiara MaddenHead of Media and PublicationsCIRSE – The Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe  Trauma represents a major burden to hospitals and healthcare systems, affecting 135 million people worldwide every year, with 5.8 million of these dying as a result (World Health Organization 2008). Within Europe, these injuries... Read more