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Executive Health Management

Unblock the Chain Infographic

2019 21 Jan

Blockchain and its application in healthcare  Read more

IT Management

A real use for smart contracts?

2018 26 Nov

Blockchain technology has given rise to new concepts such as "smart contracts", which have the potential to be a game changer especially when it comes to facilitating business transaction processes. For example, if your flight is cancelled but you purchased flight insurance, a smart contract might instantaneously pay you after getting an update from... Read more

IT Management

First healthcare smart contract system

2018 15 Nov

Healthcare’s first smart contract system aims to enable health plans and their financial partners to develop and deploy distributed ledger processes that automate events across the transaction processing lifecycle.Change Healthcare and TIBCO Software have announced a collaboration to build the first smart contract system for healthcare, using the Change... Read more

IT Management

Short read: smart contracts in healthcare

2018 22 Aug

For researchers, funding plays an important role in accomplishing their work. In the healthcare industry, many relevant topics do not get sufficient funding because they are not profitable for pharmaceutical laboratories. Blockchain, which is based on distributed ledger technology, and "smart contracts" are seen as possible solutions to this  funding... Read more

Health Management

Volume 18 - Issue 1, 2018

2018 25 Jan

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Health Management

Smart contracts in healthcare

2018 25 Jan

Lo o k i ng a t t he f u t u r e o f S m a r t Co n t r a c t s i n h e a l t h c a r e. Coul d S mar t Contract-enable d bloc k chain s  hel p p r otec t patien t dat a  whil e als o p r omot in g watertigh t agreement... Read more