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The Expanding Boundaries of ICU Nutrition

2019 26 Sep

This symposium explores the different aspects of nutrition in the ICU and how nutritional requirements of the critically ill patient are met effectively. There is an overview of nutritional monitoring practices and how we could improve them for better nutritional delivery. There is also an overview of the DIVINE study which investigates the use of different... Read more

The Metabolic Phenotype of Skeletal Muscle During Early Critical Illness

2019 26 Sep

The Muscle UK Critical Care program was set up 10 years ago and focused on the association between muscle and skeletal muscle wasting to weakness to clinical outcome. There are a total of five pivotal trials, including Bernhard Jonghe et al. 1  and Herridge M. 2  that looked at skeletal muscle weakness and its impact on patients. In the Herridge study,... Read more

New mechanism regulates key protein for heart function

2018 16 Jan

The discovery of a new mechanism regulating the elasticity of titin, a protein with important roles in the function of skeletal muscle and the heart, is described in a study published in Nature Communications. The study was a collaboration between scientists at Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares Carlos III (CNIC) and Columbia University... Read more