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Executive Health Management

Nurses’ Sleep Deprivation Impacts Patient Outcomes

2019 12 Dec

Before work days, nurses sleep 83 minutes fewer than on their days off, which negatively impacts patient safety and care. According to a new study (Witkoski Stimpfel et al. 2019) published in Sleep Health , the journal of the National Sleep Foundation (USA), nurses get under 7 hours of sleep prior to their shifts. You may also like:... Read more

ICU Management

Emergency Medicine: Risk of Injury Increases with Longer Shifts

2015 15 Sep

Long work shifts are known to increase fatigue and impact on decision making. Now a study published in Occupational & Environmental Medicine has shown a 60% increase in injury and illness risk among emergency services (EMS) clinicians when shifts are 16-24 hours long. In this observational study the researchers analysed three years of shift schedules... Read more

Executive Health Management

Shift Work Impairs Cognition Over Time

2014 13 Nov

An irregular work schedule can negatively influence health and socialisation due to a disruption of normal circadian rhythms. New research explored the impact of long-term shift work on cognition, and found that workers who were exposed to frequently changing schedules or odd work hours for more than ten years showed signs of cognitive impairment equal... Read more