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Bioimpedance Technique Enhances PET Scan Accuracy

2014 20 Oct

A recent study at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) has developed a new technique based on bioimpedance that reduces image degradation caused by respiratory motion during a positron emission tomography (PET) scan. The novel technique allows for image reconstruction at a specific phase of the patient's breathing pattern, making it possible to reduce... Read more

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Fuel3D Wins $1.1 Million Contract For Medical Imaging System Development

2014 11 Apr

SBRI contract to explore potential of low-cost commercial 3D scanner in healthcare applications Fuel 3D Technologies Ltd., developer of 3D scanning solutions, has announced it has secured a £685,831 ($1.1 million) SBRI Healthcare development contract for the development of a 3D medical imaging system. SBRI Healthcare is an NHS England initiative,... Read more

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Esaote Enhances Ultrasound with CrystaLine Technology

2014 04 Apr

With the launch of CrystaLine technology at the European Congress of Radiology in March, Esaote is focusing on application of ultrasound through the chain of prevention, diagnosis, intervention and therapy. CrystaLine includes enhancements to hardware and software that build on Esaote's eHD ultrasound technology.  Major technical improvements... Read more