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IT Management

Cloud Based Solution Reduces Referrals

2019 10 Aug

Cloud-based technology has reduced referrals by about 50% in a trial held at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London.   Developed in collaboration with software company Big Picture , the cloud solution aims to assess patient need for a hospital eye service referral remotely. During trials for the technology, around half of initial referrals were... Read more

Executive Health Management

Catholic Hospitals Discourage Referrals for Reproductive Services

2016 09 Aug

Catholic hospitals, which represent a growing share of health care in the United States, prohibit staff from providing many common reproductive health services, including ones related to sterilisation, contraception, abortion, and fertility. While professional ethics guidelines recommend that clinicians who deny patients reproductive services for moral... Read more

IMAGING Management

Leading By Listening Helping Your Customers Be Successful

2015 30 Jun

Todd Minnigh, an international radiology expert and a Vice President with Carestream Health, will give an educational presentation entitled “Leading By Listening: Helping Your Customers Be Successful” at the upcoming Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) conference, on  Wednesday, July  22 . The AHRA tradeshow and exhibit will be held... Read more

Executive Health Management

Cutting Costs of Referrals

2015 09 Jun

A recent webinar hosted by Becker's Hospital Review discussed the importance of managing the physician referral process. Key benefits of having an enhanced referral process include cost savings and better patient experience. The session focused on improving two main models of referrals: many-to-one, which has a hospital or facility as a central cog,... Read more