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Executive Health Management

2022 07 Jun

A team at Massachusetts General Hospital has designed a data-driven simulation model to help policymakers address the opioid crisis. The research is published in  PNAS .  Over the past 21 years, opioid overdose has caused over half a million deaths in the U.S. Opioid deaths have consistently increased since 2013 and claimed 70,000 victims in 2020...Read more

Executive Health Management

2017 28 Jun

Prescription drugs are high on the list of hospitals’ biggest expenses. Whenever prices of drugs go up, it's the hospitals that bear the brunt of the increases, as these costs have a direct impact on their budgets.   The Trump administration has promised to take a hard stand against rising drug costs, although no final decisions about...Read more

Executive Health Management

2015 19 Feb

Encouraging patient compliance with medication regimens is an ongoing challenge with serious consequences. Some surveys show that as many as half of patients do not comply with their doctors’ directions for taking medications. The blame shifts between busy physicians and patients who claim that they are given inadequate information and instructions,...Read more

ICU Management

2014 30 Oct

Researchers have analysed data on US hospital emergency department visits for opioid overdoses and found that the largest portion of the overdoses (67.8 percent) involved prescription opioids, followed by heroin, other unspecified opioids and multiple opioids. The findings have been published by JAMA Internal Medicine . According to available data,...Read more