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Executive Health Management

Pre-Diagnostic Care Seldom Reflected in Quality Measures

2015 05 Feb

The quality measures endorsed by The National Quality Forum (NQF) are not always applicable to the management of patients prior to their diagnoses, according to a report in the February 3 issue of JAMA . The new study shows that the majority of NQF measures focus on the management of patients who already have established diagnoses, and that quality... Read more

Health Management

Radiology in 2020: Opportunities and Challenges

2014 08 Nov

Key Points • Radiological technology is shifting from a “disruptive” period to a sustaining phase. • Challenges include tissue characterisation and microresolution, affordability and the “invisible” radiologist. • Opportunities include quantitative imaging and interventional radiology. • In vitro diagnostics will change radiological screening... Read more