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Reserve Your Spot to See the Next Generation of in Vivo Multi-Modal Imaging

2017 15 May

The Vevo® LAZR-X is the world’s only customizable imaging platform combining ultra high frequency ultrasound and photoacoustics for animal research applications. FUJIFILM VisualSonics Inc. is launching the Vevo LAZR-X system, the world’s only customizable imaging platform that combines ultra high frequency ultrasound and photoacoustics, at... Read more

Cardiology Management

High-Speed Imaging for Cardiovascular Disease Diagnosis

2014 05 Nov

A new type of medical imaging technology that could diagnose cardiovascular disease by measuring ultrasound signals from molecules exposed to a fast-pulsing laser is now being commercialised. According to researchers, the system takes precise three-dimensional images of plaques lining arteries and identifies deposits that may rupture and cause heart... Read more

IMAGING Management

Photoacoustics Used to Detect Breast Cancer

2014 21 Oct

Spanish scientists have developed a new type of laser technology based on photoacoustics that can be used for detecting breast cancer. The new technique is safe as no ionising radiation is used, and could become an alternative to commonly used diagnostic methods such as mammography and ultrasound, according to researchers from the Universidad Carlos... Read more