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ICU Management

Excessive Blood Tests in Heart Surgery Patients Lead to Anaemia, Transfusions

2015 02 Mar

According to an article published in The Annals of Thoracic Surgery, laboratory testing among patients undergoing cardiac surgery can lead to excessive bloodletting and can increase the risk of developing hospital-acquired anaemia and the need for blood transfusion. Previous research already shows that patients who receive blood transfusions... Read more

ICU Management

Arterial Catheter Use in ICU Does Not Improve Mortality

2015 05 Feb

A retrospective cohort study has shown that the use of arterial catheters (ACs) is not associated with improvements in hospital mortality in intensive care unit ICU patients requiring mechanical ventilation. The finding is published online in JAMA . ACs are used in 40 percent of ICU patients, mostly to facilitate diagnostic phlebotomy, collect arterial... Read more