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Executive Health Management

Leveraging advanced methods to evaluate AI-Pharma companies

2019 22 May

The level of sophistication used in due diligence should be on par with the level of complexity in a given industry.  AI-Pharma companies are 100 times as complex as FinTech companies. Methodologies used to assess them should be 100 times as rigorous. Discovering new drugs using AI is one of the most challenging areas in biological... Read more

Health Management

Crises in health sector and pharmaceutical companies

2017 09 Nov

A crisis action plan is necessary to avert negative fallout   Most companies have done little in the way of preparation for crisis. The following exciting hypothetical scenario can help put matters right.   Many health sector firms do not have proper crisis management plans. They might have a plan for the more tangible aspects such... Read more

Executive Health Management

Cutting Drug Costs

2017 28 Jun

Prescription drugs are high on the list of hospitals’ biggest expenses. Whenever prices of drugs go up, it's the hospitals that bear the brunt of the increases, as these costs have a direct impact on their budgets.   The Trump administration has promised to take a hard stand against rising drug costs, although no final decisions about... Read more

IT Management

mHealth Trial Cuts Costs, Improves Access

2015 26 Oct

A new mobile technology platform enables pharmaceutical companies to do remote monitoring of patients participating in clinical trials or drug studies, according to an article in MedCity News . Developed by Science37, a company founded by a group of scientists, the new mHealth platform works like a communication device and an EHR. “It’s a totally... Read more

Health Management

Psychiatric Drug Development – A Dry Pipeline?

2014 08 Nov

Key Points • Psychiatric drugs are among the most profitable products for the pharmaceutical industry. • Despite this, investment in psychiatric drug development continues to decline. • A major reason may be the fact that there has been no major breakthrough in this area of drug development for the last thirty years. • Several “me-too” products have... Read more