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New Protocol for Checking Feeding Tube Placement Lowers Radiation Dose

2022 10 May

A University of Chicago study published in Academic Radiology showed that using a patient's body mass index when checking feeding tube placement can lower radiation exposure by 80%. The authors described the new protocol's image-acquisition parameters as based on the patient's 'thickness'. This thickness was calculated by accounting for differences... Read more

We Need Better Communication of Imaging Risks!

2021 15 Oct

Patients want to be informed of the risks associated with imaging but frequently are not.  A University of Pisa research team concluded this after surveying radiology patients undergoing exams at Italian hospitals (Bastiani et al. 2021; Stewart and Smith-Bindman 2021) .   Medical imaging has become vital for diagnosing and managing many diseases.... Read more

Do Lead Aprons Still Serve A Purpose?

2020 27 Jan

  In the x-ray room, lead apron has been a common fixture used to shield patients from radiation.   While this ritual of covering reproductive organs and foetuses during x-rays has been done since the 1950s, in recent years questions have been raised as to the value or efficacy of this practice.     You might also like: Radiation Lowers... Read more