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Executive Health Management

2019 08 Jun

Renowned cardiologist and Director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute Eric Topol believes that the future of medicine will include doctors making appointments with patients.  There was a time in healthcare when patients were dependent on doctors for medical tests. However, Dr. Topol believes that the future will not be so. Instead,... Read more

IT Management

eHealth Week 2016 launches in Amsterdam

2016 07 Jun

eHealth Week 2016 has kicked off in Amsterdam with over 2,000 international experts in IT and healthcare, public institutions, professional and patient organisations taking part. “The diversity of topics and themes that are being covered at eHealth Week this year in Amsterdam will ensure that every single person attending will take many valuable... Read more

IT Management

Medical News to the Public Via App

2016 14 Feb

Researchers at the Institute of Health and Society at The University of Oslo are developing an app that can help spread new medical knowledge as soon as it is available. A patient wants the best possible treatment when admitted to a healthcare facility. The reality is that research results to practical application can be a lengthy process. Owing... Read more