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Executive Health Management

Haemonetics Appoints Roy Galvin as President, Global Plasma and Blood Center

2022 04 Oct

Haemonetics Corporation, a global medical technology company focused on delivering innovative medical solutions to drive better patient outcomes announced the appointment of  Roy Galvin  as President, Global Plasma and Blood Center, effective October 10, 2022. He will report to Chris Simon, Haemonetics' President and Chief Executive Officer. As... Read more

Health Management

Transforming Outpatient Services is Key to Delivering and Sustaining Elective Care Recovery

2022 13 Sep

Redesigning outpatient services will be key to recover elective services. To be sustainable, the transformation needs to break down traditional barriers and focus on optimising the patients’ experience and outcomes. This needs a system-wide approach to reimagine operating and delivery models. Key Points Balancing the competing priorities... Read more

Health Management

How to Reach Gold Standards in Radiology Through Continuous Learning & Education - Affidea

2022 13 Sep

Rapid developments in radiology and technological advances offer unique educational opportunities that can set the clinical standards for better patient outcomes. Affidea is committed to providing clinical teams with the necessary education and tools to lead the future of radiology. Key Points Radiology has a pivotal... Read more

ICU Management

Clinical Outcomes With and Without Direct Discharge Home

2022 25 Jul

ICUs are an important part of an acute care system and provide life-sustaining treatment to critically ill patients. The level and complexity of care delivered in ICUs can vary. For example, some ICUs provide support for multiple organ failure, while others may focus on single-system support or might be a point of transition between the ward and the... Read more

Executive Health Management

Continuity of Care Between GPs and Patients Improves Patient Outcomes

2022 05 Jul

Research shows that continuity of care between GPs and patients can lead to better outcomes, particularly in the elderly, as they tend to have complex, long-term or multiple conditions and/or poor mental health. Patients who see the same clinician for most of their care have lower mortality rates and fewer hospital admissions. They are also more likely... Read more

Cardiology Management

Nursing Leadership Practices and Patient Outcomes

2022 03 May

Patient outcomes are dependent on several different factors, including the quality of care delivered to the patients, the experience and diagnosis of the physician, the severity of the patient's illness/condition and the quality of nursing care provided to the patient. In other words, the entire healthcare team plays a role in a patient's successful... Read more

IT Management

Greater Baltimore Medical Center Leveraging Standardized Practices to Improve Patient Outcomes

2021 09 Dec

Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC) has been recognized as a HIMSS Davies Award winner. GBMC is one of only two hospital organizations globally that have been selected as a Davies Award winner for a third time. GBMC rapidly scaled a video visit platform to all ambulatory practices and locations, which showed an increase in volume from 59 telemedicine... Read more

Health Management

VBHC in Netherlands

2020 12 Nov

What problems could be solved? A report of interviews with 21 Dutch VHBC experts Value-based healthcare (VBHC), aimed at improving patient outcomes without increasing costs, is becoming more and more important, as healthcare utilisation and costs continue to rise well above the cost of living. Many initiatives are now being taken to... Read more