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Health Management

2014 25 Sep

As a healthcare consumer, a question I often ask is “where can I find the best doctor to suit my needs and my family’s needs, who can also answer the questions I have related to our health?” I want resources to help guide my choices, not only based on cost and location, but also based on an individualized treatment approach in alignment with my philosophy... Read more

Executive Health Management

Access to E-Health Data Outweighs Privacy

2014 24 Jun

For half of UK patients with chronic medical conditions, the ability to access and control their health data online takes precedence over privacy risks associated with electronic health records. An Accenture Patient Engagement Survey conducted between 21 February and 16 March 2014 polled 519 healthy people and 500 individuals in the UK... Read more

Cardiology Management

TRUST Analysis: Biotronik Home Monitoring Improves Patient Adherence by 25%

2014 27 Mar

Biotronik, a leading manufacturer of cardiovascular medical technology, announced new results from a sub-analysis of the landmark TRUST trial, published in the European Heart Journal. This analysis examined recommended ICD follow-up methods by comparing patient adherence in two groups: those who were given remote follow-ups with Biotronik Home... Read more

IT Management

WoHIT 2014: Introducing Patients’ Empowerment

2014 26 Mar

The relationship between doctor-patient in the 2.0 era The democratisation of new technologies and particularly Internet has fundamentally changed the relationship between patient and caregiver. "Patient Empowerment" will be one of the highlighted topics of WoHIT 2014 Nice from 2 to 4 April. In a context where chronic diseases, especially... Read more

IT Management

HIMSS 2014: Barco to Premiere Industry’s Only Interoperable Bedside Patient Engagement Platform

2014 20 Feb

Barco, a global leader in healthcare visualisation and IT systems, will demonstrate its turnkey patient engagement and clinical collaboration solution, CareConnex, representing the optimum platform for bedside interactive patient care.  Available in a variety of integrated hardware/software options, CareConnex is uniquely interoperable with... Read more