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IT Management

2021 22 Nov

  Collaboration adds Medchat’s live chat and chatbot services to Philips patient management and informatics platform, Patient Navigation Manager Combined offering allows customers in North America to digitally navigate patients using advanced chatbot services to streamline workflows, quickly resolve patient requests and improve contact...Read more

Health Management

2020 12 Nov

Nothing will be the same after the coronavirus pandemic. The COVID-19 crisis entails an acceleration in some trends like health care digital transformation, the shift from volume-based care to a value-based care and the need of humanising healthcare. Patient communication is in the middle of those three trends and radiology would not be an exception....Read more

IMAGING Management

2019 19 Mar

Radiologists have long been considered “ doctors’ doctors ,” as they communicate primarily with referring physicians and other radiologists. A key reason behind this: radiologists expend much of their professional effort interpreting medical imaging examinations. They create a formal report to communicate the results of the examination with referring...Read more

Executive Health Management

2018 22 Sep

Instigating change to theatre environments through social media. Being identifiable in theatre has a multitude of benefits―from improving communication to improving experiences of patients and reducing stress and anxiety in theatre. Change within the healthcare system In an ever-evolving healthcare system, the need for adaptation...Read more

Health Management

2018 20 Feb

Modern-day devices to help the modern-day patient. How the use of video information and modern-day devices can help with patients who are dealing with anxiety in anticipation of radiology testing and treatment. In December 2015, Boca Raton Regional Hospital’s imaging services department was selected and honoured as one of seven grant recipients by...Read more