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Executive Health Management

How tech improved healthcare hiring process

2019 05 Feb

The success of an organisation or business entity is often dependent on its employees' efficiency and productivity. Needless to say, effective HR management should be an important focus of a company's operation. Take the case of a leading hospital chain in the U.S., for example. The hospital has a large network of business units spread across 61... Read more

IT Management

Paper-free NHS by 2020

2016 11 Feb

Paper-free NHS by 2020 A review is looking at ways to improve England's National Health Service (NHS) IT, including electronic health records, to achieve a paper-free health and care system by 2020. IT and patient safety expert Professor Bob Wachter has launched a review of computer systems across the NHS. The review, ‘ Making IT work: harnessing... Read more

IT Management

WoHIT 2014: HIMSS Europe Stage 6 Awards Presented to Four New Hospitals

2014 03 Apr

Three Dutch centers and a Spanish one, recognised for operating in a paperless environment and representing best practices in implementation of the EMR HIMSS Europe awarded yesterday four new hospitals in Europe with Stage 6 Award during the World of Health IT Conference and Exhibition (WoHIT) that is taking place in Nice, France, from the 2nd... Read more