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Over $4.3B Pledged by G7 in COVID-19 Fight, More Funds Needed

2021 20 Feb

G7 leaders have collectively pledged over $4.3 billion to the ACT Accelerator partnership to develop and distribute effective tests, treatments and vaccines globally.   You might also like: New Vaccine Agreements for COVAX   The commitment was made during the Virtual G7 leaders meeting on 19 February 2021, taking... Read more

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Online Calculator for COVID-19 Mortality Risk

2020 14 Dec

A new addition to the COVID-19 Risk Tools suite by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, an online mortality calculator , assesses the risk of dying from COVID-19 in currently uninfected individuals. It has been presented in an article published in Nature Medicine (Jin et al. 2020) and is available online for interested public... Read more

Executive Health Management

Pandemic Control: New Dynamic Metrics for Proactive Action

2020 08 Dec

Without a national and coordinated response to COVID-19, the United States has been ineffective at preventing and mitigating the escalating pandemic. What the country needs, according to new research ( Post et al. 2020) , is a dynamic public health surveillance to better inform prevention efforts.   You might also like: COVID-19: Immunity-Based... Read more

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Prerequisites for Future Pandemic Prevention

2020 03 Nov

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to batter lives and livelihoods, experts are warning about future pandemics – which can spread more rapidly and inflict more damage – unless the global approach to dealing with infectious diseases shifts from reaction to prevention.   You might also like: How Data Intelligence Will Be Crucial... Read more

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COVID-19: Immunity-Based Strategies are ‘Flawed’

2020 16 Oct

Public health measures aiming to achieve ‘herd immunity’ are criticised by a multidisciplinary group of researchers who call it "a dangerous fallacy unsupported by the scientific evidence".   You might also like: Global COVID-19 Response: “A Collective Failure”   In the John Snow Memorandum , an open letter published in The... Read more

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Volume 20 - Issue 7, 2020

2020 28 Sep

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Leveraging Data and Digital Technology for Pandemic Prevention

2020 28 Sep

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way healthcare works. spoke to Sourabh Pagaria to discuss the future of data and digital technologies as strategic assets for pandemic prevention in future.  Key Points There is a need to adopt technological solutions to help extend reach of clinical staff and... Read more

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Global COVID-19 Response: “A Collective Failure”

2020 15 Sep

The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB) has released its second report ‘A World in Disorder,’ in which it harshly criticises the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.   You might also like: Assessing COVID-19 Response   Created in 2017 and formally launched in 2018, the GPMB is an independent monitoring and accountability... Read more

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COVID-19 and mHealth

2020 19 Aug

A major challenge in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic is the 'silent transmission' of coronavirus caused – often unknowingly – by asymptomatic individuals. Leveraging mHealth technologies such as mobile apps and wearable sensors, which can help to monitor COVID-19 patients and suspected cases, is a good way to mitigate the effects of... Read more