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Executive Health Management

ESPR 2023 - Annual Meeting and Postgraduate Course

2023 05 Jun

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IMAGING Management

SPR 2022 MSK Imaging Course

2022 07 Sep

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ICU Management

Severe Hyperoxaemia Events and Mortality Among Patients in PICU

2019 30 Aug

The paediatric management of hyperoxaemia (also defined as high PaO 2 or arterial oxygenation of greater or equal to 300mmHg) has so far yielded conflicting results. For multiple studies in adults, hyperoxaemia has been shown as an independent risk factor for mortality after cardiac arrest.   It was the purpose of a recent study to analyse the relationship... Read more

ICU Management

End-Tidal CO2 Levels vs. Arterial CO2 Levels in Children with TBI

2019 23 Aug

For patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), the partial pressure of CO 2 , arterial (PaCO 2 ) can be adjusted to help with the regulation of cerebral perfusion. However, this can prove difficult to carry out in children. The non-invasive method of capnography measures end-tidal CO 2 (EtCO 2 ) and is often used for paediatric patients as an alternative... Read more

ICU Management

Qatar Critical Care Conference 2019

2019 28 Oct

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Executive Health Management

2019 Pediatric Hospital Medicine Conference

2019 25 Jul

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IMAGING Management

SPR 2020 MSK Imaging Course

2020 09 May

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