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2024 11 Jun

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2023 20 Jun

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2023 05 Jun

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2022 07 Sep

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2022 07 Oct

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ICU Management


2019 30 Aug

The paediatric management of hyperoxaemia (also defined as high PaO 2 or arterial oxygenation of greater or equal to 300mmHg) has so far yielded conflicting results. For multiple studies in adults, hyperoxaemia has been shown as an independent risk factor for mortality after cardiac arrest.   It was the purpose of a recent study to analyse the relationship...Read more

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2019 23 Aug

For patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), the partial pressure of CO 2 , arterial (PaCO 2 ) can be adjusted to help with the regulation of cerebral perfusion. However, this can prove difficult to carry out in children. The non-invasive method of capnography measures end-tidal CO 2 (EtCO 2 ) and is often used for paediatric patients as an alternative...Read more

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2019 28 Oct

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2019 25 Jul

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2020 09 May

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2019 12 Jun

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2019 22 Feb

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2019 22 Feb

A challenge and an opportunity   Review of innovative technologies used at the ALYN Hospital Paediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation Centre in Jerusalem; past and future technological trends in the field worldwide, including technologies relating to augmented communication, neuro- and movement-sensing, miniaturisation, powered mobility, virtual...Read more

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2016 26 Feb

The  Arab Paediatric Orthopaedic Congress  has been developed to provide an innovative and comprehensive overview of the latest developments in musoskeletal disorders in children. This year’s conference theme will focus on the practical management and latest evidence-based clinical data that will highlight the most advanced strategies in detection,...Read more

Executive Health Management


2015 12 Nov

Children’s health and welfare are a major concern for all healthcare practitioners and advocates. International health authorities are encouraging the care of children by establishing healthcare facilities, increasing awareness about diseases and organising medical conferences to ensure that doctors have the required knowledge. The  International...Read more

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2015 14 Sep

PICS has always offered a great Faculty but for 2015 Birmingham Children’s Hospital is also hosting the annual Alumni meeting of the Toronto based Hospital for Sick Children. This means that members of the Toronto Alumni based in both Europe and North America will be in Birmingham for PICS 2015.  We will have Faculty from Europe and Canada supporting...Read more

Cardiology Management


2015 01 Mar

Aiming to improve public awareness and understanding of cardiothoracic surgical outcomes, The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) has released the first publicly accessible national report of surgical outcomes from its Congenital Heart Surgery Database (CHSD). The CHSD is a component of the STS National Database, which is widely considered the gold standard...Read more

ICU Management


2015 05 Feb

Researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital have launched an investigation of the effects of general anaesthesia on infants’ brains that could help to improve clinical outcomes. Based on previous studies, infants exposed to general anaesthesia in early life have significantly increased risk of developmental delays. Despite known risks, "brain...Read more

Cardiology Management


2014 12 Dec

The Peter Munk Cardiac Centre in Toronto has spearheaded the creation of a new website that aims to support young people with congenital heart disease. The website, , enables patients, their family members and healthcare providers to log in and get information through videos, images and downloads. Survival rates of infants with congenital...Read more

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2014 03 Dec

According to a study presented this week at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), researchers at the Mayo Clinic have found that many children receive chest x-rays that may be unnecessary and have no clinical benefit.     "Chest x-rays can be a valuable exam when ordered for the correct indications," said Ann...Read more

Cardiology Management


2014 28 Nov

A new study has found that US children’s hospitals providing the highest-quality care for children undergoing heart surgery also appear to deliver care most efficiently at a low cost. The study, led by the University of Michigan, covered 30,670 heart surgery patients aged 0-18 years across 27 different hospitals. The findings were presented at the American...Read more

ICU Management


2014 12 Oct

According to a recent study by researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, approximately 90 percent of potential paediatric fractures are splinted improperly in emergency rooms and urgent care centres.   The findings of the research were presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics (APP) National Conference & Exhibition...Read more

IMAGING Management


2014 05 Aug

A study recently published in the journal Surgery and conducted by researchers of the Mayo Clinic Children’s Center, highlights that an algorithm designed to aid the diagnosis of appendicitis in paediatric patients lowers the use of computed tomography (CT) scans. The most frequent reason for acute abdominal pain in children, acute appendicitis is...Read more

IMAGING Management


2014 17 Jul

In order to promote the safe and effective use of medical imaging, the Mayo Clinic has started a collaborative effort to ensure that a national protocol is put into action. This initiative, published online in the Journal of Patient Safety, calls for the American College of Radiology, the Joint Commission, the Intersociety Accreditation Commission...Read more