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Oxygen Therapy

2021 24 Jun

S upplemental oxygen is an essential component of intensive care and is a commonly used therapy worldwide. The primary goal of oxygen therapy is to prevent hypoxaemia. Since oxygen is usually widely available (except in special circumstances such as during the COVID-19 pandemic) and is relatively inexpensive, it is frequently used in patients with... Read more

Oxygen Therapy in Intensive Care Medicine

2021 24 Jun

An overview of current recommendations for oxygen administration in different patient populations and a discussion on optimal oxygen target values. O xygen is the most commonly used substance in hospitals today. After its discovery around 1771 by the German-Swedish pharmacist Carl Wilhelm Scheele and the English chemist Joseph Priestley, oxygen... Read more

Oxygen Therapy in COVID-19 Patients: The Role of HFNC and CPAP

2021 24 Jun

Oxygen therapy and mechanical ventilation in patients with COVID-19 and steps to choose the right therapeutic strategy for each patient. Introduction Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus CoV-2 is the highly contagious viral agent responsible for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 is the name of the syndrome caused by SARS-CoV-2... Read more

Oxygen Therapy in Acute Care Medicine

2020 02 Feb

Oxygen therapy is a commonly used strategy in modern medicine. In most situations with declining oxygen saturations, clinicians are quick to use this technique. While effective in the setting of hypoxia, there are, however, some circumstances in which excess oxygen is indiscriminately administered for extended periods.  In healthcare, there has... Read more

Conservative Oxygen Therapy During Mechanical Ventilation

2019 21 Oct

Patients in the ICU who undergo mechanical ventilation often receive a high fraction of inspired oxygen (FIO 2 ) and have a high arterial oxygen tension. It is believed that conservative oxygen therapy could reduce oxygen exposure and diminish lung and systemic oxidative injury, thus increasing the number of ventilator-free days.  A study was... Read more

Nuflow® Nasal Cannulas for HFOT in Neonates

2019 07 Feb

We have recently expanded our product range with Nuflow single-use nasal cannulas * for high flow oxygen therapy in neonates. The cannulas are available in four different sizes and include one adapter (OD 15 mm) and one pair of fixation patches. These are either small or large, depending on the size of the cannula set, and can also be ordered... Read more

HAMILTON-C1 neo:Comprehensive Care for Newborns in Just One Device

2016 02 Dec

The new HAMILTON-C1 neo combines a range of therapy options with maximum mobility in a highly versatile ventilator designed specifically for neonates.   With over 30 years of experience in developing intelligent ventilation solutions for patients of all ages, Hamilton Medical has now channeled that wealth of expertise and proven neonatal technology... Read more

Respiratory Failure: Is Noninvasive Ventilation Effective?

2015 07 Oct

A multicentre study finds that early noninvasive ventilation, compared with oxygen therapy alone, did not reduce the risk of 28-day mortality among immunocompromised patients admitted to the ICU with hypoxaemic acute respiratory failure. The study is published by JAMA to coincide with its presentation at the 28th annual congress of the European Society... Read more

New Oxygen Therapy as Option to Noninvasive Ventilation

2015 20 May

A French research team says a relatively new method to provide supplemental oxygen to patients at risk of respiratory failure after surgery may be a viable alternative to a more commonly used technique. The finding has been presented at the American Thoracic Society 2015 International Conference and published online by JAMA . After cardiothoracic... Read more