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Executive Health Management

2023 26 Jul

In 2017, the U.S. declared the opioid epidemic as a public health emergency.   In 2021, over 80,000 U.S. residents lost their lives to opioid overdose. Public health interventions are being launched in the aim of reducing opioid-related overdose deaths.   The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the already challenging opioid...Read more

Executive Health Management

2022 02 Aug

A new study suggests that the coming wave of opioid overdose deaths will be worse than ever and will not discriminate between rural and urban areas. Every area is expected to see a dramatic increase in opioid-involved overdose deaths.  According to the researchers, opioid overdoses have reached a historic high. This increase is primarily driven...Read more

Executive Health Management

2018 21 Feb

A collaborative approach involving local public health and public safety agencies may be what is needed to address the problem of opioid overuse in different communities. In Massachusetts, for example, such collaboration or partnership has given rise to four types of outreach and community support programmes aimed at connecting overdose survivors with...Read more