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Nursing Excellence Key to Higher Patient Ratings of Care

2015 18 Oct

A new study conducted by  Dr. Witkoski-Stimpfel at NYUCN and the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing's Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research and published in Health Services Research shows that Magnet hospitals that are nationally accredited for nursing excellence have higher patient ratings of care than other hospitals.  In order... Read more

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Burnout for Transplant Nurses

2015 12 Oct

According to a study published by researchers at Henry Ford Hospital, over half of nurses who work with organ transplant patients in the U.S. experience high levels of emotional exhaustion. The findings are published in Progress in Transplantation.  The study was led by senior staff psychologist Michelle Jesse, Ph.D, liver transplant surgeon Marwan... Read more

Executive Health Management

Future Nursing Supply Set to Drop

2015 27 Sep

As previously predicted, nursing shortage ten years from now may not be as dire as initially forecasted. However research still suggests that there will be approximately a 4 percent shortfall (130,000 nurses) by 2025. The findings are published in the current issue of  Medical Care. Researchers from Montana State University and Darthmouth College... Read more

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Sweden Experiments with Six Hour Nursing Shifts

2015 22 Sep

A small group of elderly-care nurses in Sweden have made changes to their work schedule in order to improve quality and efficiency. The nurses have switched from an eight hour to six hour working day for the same wage. This is the first controlled trial of shorter hours in Sweden. The nurses who are part of this change feel that they are much more... Read more

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Doctors Need Training in Care of Dying

2015 14 Sep

According to two experts on palliative care, the recent guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) on care of the dying provides evidence but not much help at the bedside.  Jonathan Koffman and Katherine Sleeman, from the Cicely Saunders Institute in London said in an interview at the London Science Centre,... Read more

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Nurse Injury Prevention Pays Off

2015 02 Sep

According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, hospitals say that they have made encouraging progress amid efforts to protect nurses from workplace injuries.  Early this year, a report form National Public Radio found that hospitals could do much more to protect nurses from injuries while on the job. It is believed that nurses incur more musculoskeletal... Read more

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Overtime, Night Shifts Increase Injury Risk for Nurses

2015 15 Aug

According to an analysis of occupational injuries published in the International Journal of Nursing Studies , newly licensed registered nurses were likely to work schedules that are associated with increased risks for occupational injuries.  "Overtime and night shift work were significantly associated with increased injury risk in newly licensed... Read more

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Happy Nurses Improve Outcomes

2015 19 Jul

According to a study of a team of Kaiser Permanente, nurses have a significant impact on the success of a hospital. The study is published in  Health Care Management Review . The Kaiser model is currently in use in eight states. It integrates hospitals, insurance and doctors' offices into one system. Several hospitals have tried and failed to replicate... Read more

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Creating an Effective Workforce

2015 17 Jul

Amidst changing trends in patient care delivery, it behooves healthcare providers to improve quality while also containing costs. A hospital's workforce is a key consideration in quality and cost analysis, so it's essential to have the proper mix of core and contingent staffing for more efficient work flow. Nurses and other healthcare professionals... Read more

ICU Management

Emergency Nurses Susceptible to Death Anxiety

2015 15 Jul

The nature of their work and daily exposure to death and other mortality cues make emergency nurses highly susceptible to death anxiety, according to a paper published online in the journal Emergency Nurse . Death anxiety, or "thanatophobia", is a state in which people experience negative emotional reactions in recognition of their own mortality.... Read more