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Executive Health Management

Future Threats of Anti-COVID-19 Measures

2020 12 Nov

Non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) – social distancing, use of face masks, school closures, etc. – help control COVID-19 transmission. NPIs also reduce the spread of other endemic diseases such as influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), disrupting the "seasonal transmission patterns" of these other respiratory diseases.  ... Read more

IT Management

Open Database for NPIs

2020 11 Sep

Non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs), ranging from the most stringent lockdowns to less restrictive social distancing rules, have been implemented by different countries to control coronavirus spread and prevent COVID-19 cases overwhelming their healthcare systems.   You might also like: COVID-19 Exit Strategy Simulator Available... Read more

Executive Health Management

Lockdowns and Reopenings: Local vs. Larger-Scale

2020 10 Sep

Lockdowns and other restrictive measures (e.g. travel curbs) have been imposed by governments as a means to control coronavirus spread in their jurisdictions. New research from Canada provides insights on effective strategies for reopening when the number of cases is on the decline.   You might also like: Containing COVID-19 in EU: Uncoordinated... Read more

Executive Health Management

Lockdowns in LMICs: Finding the Balance

2020 16 Jul

The economic fallout from pandemic-related lockdowns has been enormous, especially in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) that struggle to find a balance in terms of protecting life and livelihood, as they aim to avoid public health systems being overwhelmed and their economies grinding to a complete halt.   You might also like:... Read more